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We log your IP address and other information when you visit our site(s) or otherwise access our systems. Although we do not generally review logs at the level of personally identifiable information, we reserve the right to do so for any reason at our sole discretion.

Generally, we will not share any such logged information with third parties (except with legitimate governmental bodies, including law enforcement and national security agencies, acting according to whatever appropriate judicial or administrative procedures may govern their access under applicable law), however, we reserve the right to do so for any purpose at our sole discretion.

We may place a cookie file on your browser or otherwise track your page views and return visits. Although we generally do not place any active code on your machine (other than standard server side includes, javascripts, java apps, active x, or similar kinds of programming), we reserve the right to do so for research or any other purpose at our sole discretion.

This privacy policy is presented for notice purposes only and may be changed at any time, including retroactively, for any reason. This privacy policy is not a legal obligation on our part and does not give rise to any cause of action against us for its breach.

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Access Policy:

Visitors (you) are expressly prohibited from accessing any computer system or data on or from our systems without written permission except for public http requests for web pages or files to which we have expressly made publicly-available, non-password protected links. The machines hosting the files that make up our web sites or otherwise part of our network system are private property and any unauthorized access beyond such limit is a trespass and will be treated as such.

Any access granted by us to you to non-public or password protected material is limited to the purposes and time period for which such access was originally granted (i.e., pre-publication review, comment, etc.) and is non-transferable. Any such access may be revoked at any time.

We do not make any representations as to the accuracy, availability, or otherwise warrant in any manner the information available on our systems.

Search engine robots are welcome if they are well behaved.

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