Identity and Identification

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Presentation by:

Kim Taipale, CAS Executive Director, "Identification Systems and Domestic Security: Who's Who in Whoville" [download presentation slides PDF]

Related Research: Trusted Systems Project

Other material:

The Markle Foundation, Task Force on National Security in the Information Age Second Report: "Creating a Trusted Information Network for Homeland Security," Appendix A, "Reliable Identification for Homeland Protection and Collateral Gains" []

K. A. Taipale, "Technology, Security and Privacy: The Fear of Frankenstein, the Myth of Privacy and the Lessons of King Ludd," 7 Yale J. L. & Tech. 123; 9 Intl. J. Comm. L. & Pol'y 8 (Dec. 2004)

K. A. Taipale, "Data Mining and Domestic Security: Connecting the Dots to Make Sense of Data," 5 Colum. Sci. & Tech. L. Rev. 2 (Dec. 2003) [executive summary PDF]

K. A. Taipale, "Designing Technical Systems to Support Policy: Enterprise Architecture, Policy Appliances, and Civil Liberties," Chapter 9.4 in "Emergent Information Technologies and Enabling Policies for Counter Terrorism" (Robert Popp and John Yen, eds., IEEE Press, forthcoming 2005). [introduction available online] See also the Policy Appliance Reference Model.

Recent Developments:

"Government Should Not Rush to Massive ID Surveillance System," CAS Executive Director said in a statement released at a conference in New York as part of the Global Information Society Project's Program on Law Enforcement and National Security in the Information Age, October 29, 2004. [more]


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