NATO Open Source Intelligence:
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These Documents are made available for scholarly and research purposes by the
Center for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology Policy (CAS).


NATO Open Source Intelligence Handbook (2001):


NATO Open Source Intelligence Handbook (2001)

From the Preface: "This publication provides preliminary joint and coalition training information on the subject of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). It discusses the fundamentals of OSINT support to both the all-source intelligence process, and to the unclassified intelligence requirements of operators, logisticians, and civilian organizations participating in joint and coalition operations. The focus is on relevant information that can be obtained legally and ethically from the public and private
sector, and that is not classified in its origin or processing."

Download 536KB PDF: NATO-OSINT-handbook.pdf


NATO Open Source Intelligence Reader (2002):


From the Introduction: "This publication supplements the NATO Open Source Intelligence Handbook, published in November 2001, which provided preliminary information on the subject of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). The NATO OSINT Reader, a focused collection of articles and reference materials by worldwide experts, is designed to give commanders and their staffs the theoretical, historical, practical, and international background necessary to understand how this discipline has evolved."

Download 1.6MB PDF:  NATO-OSINT-reader.pdf


NATO Intelligence Exploitation of the Internet (2002):


From the Introduction: "This handbook is the third in a series of publications produced by SACLANT to improve the understanding of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) within NATO. The first publication, the NATO OSINT Handbook served as an introduction to the field of OSINT. The second volume, the NATO OSINT Reader was intended to provide under one cover a collection in international writings on the uses of open information sources in the preparation of intelligence products. This volume is entitled Intelligence Exploitation of the Internet. In contrast to the first two volumes, this publication is intended primarily as a practical guide to the exploitation of an information source."

Download 4.7MB PDF:  NATO-OSINT-internet-exploit.pdf



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